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4:31amn0y0uSjoined the chat room.
4:32amn0y0uSu guys are smart right
4:32amn0y0uSquick to answer
4:33amn0y0uSwell wat can u tell me about life then
4:33amn0y0uSwats the meaning of life?
4:33amRawbWell, I can tell you everything you want to know.
4:33amRawbJust not for free.
4:33amRawbScientology is all about getting paid.
4:33amRawbYou think these spinnarz are free?
4:33amn0y0uSas i thought
4:33amRawbBitches love spinnarz.
4:33amn0y0uSpeople must be gullible
4:34amn0y0uSif they believe in this
4:34amRawbYes, but we do God's work, and separate fools from their money.
4:34amn0y0uSsince its all about cash
4:34amn0y0uSso now u believe in a god?
4:34amRawbWhy else would we do his will?
4:34amn0y0uSbecause ur greedy?
4:35amRawbOh, I'm not doing this because I like it.
4:35amRawbI'm doing this because it is God's true commandment: Separate fools from their money.
4:35amn0y0uSgreed has nothing to do with want
4:36amn0y0uSwow does anyone talk
4:36amRawbWhy do you think there are so many Psychics? Fools will try to part with their money any way they can.
4:36amn0y0uSor wat do scientologists do
4:36amn0y0uSlike nothing?
4:36amn0y0uSanyone will part with there money if u make it catchy
4:36amn0y0uStheres alot of idiots
4:36amn0y0uSin this world
4:36amRawbPrecisely. If you aren't separating them from their money, someone else will.
4:37amn0y0uSso ur saying its right to con people
4:37amn0y0uSand rip there money out of them
4:37amRawbIt's not only right, it's God's will.
4:37amn0y0uSusing force if neccessary?
4:38amn0y0uSso if i rob one of ur buildings
4:38amn0y0uSim doing gods work?
4:38amRawbWere we only fools, that would be true.
4:38amRawbBut, my son, we are somebody.
4:38amn0y0uSthers alot of somebodies
4:38amn0y0uSur on the internet
4:38amRawbBecause you have to be somebody, or you are somebodies fool.
4:39amRawbOur wise prophet told us that.
4:39amRawbAll hail the T.
4:39amn0y0uSwat happens
4:39amn0y0uSwen u reach the highest level
4:39amn0y0uSwat do they tell u for ur 100 grand
4:40amn0y0uSlike the meaning of life is 2
4:40amn0y0uSor some shit?
4:40amRawbIt's like Pac Man, the end level is sort of half there, the rest is filled with garbage and you can't get past it.
4:41amn0y0uSso u admit its all a lie
4:41amn0y0uSand only a idiot would buy into corruptiom
4:41amRawbThe truth lies in the garbage.
4:41amn0y0uSthe truth is the garbage
4:41amRawbYou are learning far too much without paying.
4:42amRawbI believe the command you are looking for is :wq
4:42amn0y0uSso u mean i just learnt all of this religion
4:42amn0y0uSfor free
4:42amn0y0uSin 10 minutes
4:42amn0y0uSand other people pay hundreds of thousands and years of work
4:42amRawbOh, no.
4:42amRawbThere is lots more.
4:43amn0y0uSim sure ud tell me that
4:43amn0y0uSso i would pay u
4:43amRawbMost of it has leaked on to the internet.
4:43amn0y0uSto learn nothing
4:43amn0y0uSsince i heard it all
4:43amRawbYou ever read Twilight?
4:43amRawbBecause that's really some high level Scientology documents, they just replaced thetans with vampires and it's an instant best seller.
4:44amRawbBut we've had that story for years.
4:44amRawbAnd tons of better ones.
4:44amn0y0uSThe last level currently available online teaches that L. Ron has abandoned his body and become some sort of physical manifestation, that Lucifer is in fact the ultimate bringer of truth and Jesus was a pedophile and otherwise mean man and that aliens are meddling with our DNA in an effort to restrict us to only seeing the physical plane.
4:44amRawbLike Encino man. But replace the caveman with Theatans.
4:44amRawbYeah, I'm not that advanced yet, but if that was true we would be suing you right now.
4:44amn0y0uSits on wikipedia
4:45amRawbPickles in misinformation.
4:45amn0y0uSfreedom of information u couldnt sue me
4:45amn0y0uSeven if u wanted to
4:45amn0y0uSits on the internet
4:45amRawbAnd who runs The Internet?
4:45amRawbI will tell you who:
4:45amRawbThe RAND Corporation.
4:46amn0y0uScurrently the people run the internet
4:46amn0y0uSnot for long though
4:47amRawbTell me more about not for long though.
4:47amn0y0uSwell everyone knows about ur corruption
4:47amn0y0uSand the way they try control people
4:47amn0y0uSwith there lawyers
4:48amRawbWhere are the lawyers?
4:48amn0y0uSin there offices
4:48amn0y0uSfor the call
4:48amn0y0uSfrom ur glorious leader
4:48amn0y0uSto destroy anything in its way
4:48amRawbYou were talking about control people before, do you want to control people?
4:49amn0y0uSanyone can control people
4:49amRawbAre you anyone?
4:49amn0y0uSi dont see the relevance
4:50amRawbFor help, type !help
4:50amn0y0uSi dont need help
4:51amn0y0uSleft the chat room. (Quit: Q: Why do mountain climbers rope themselves together? A: To prevent the sensible ones from going home.)
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